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Keret Skylight designs, manufactures and installs skylights to individual requirements.


The system is designed to withstand winds of over 200km/h unlike other systems available which are guaranteed to withstand winds of only 100km/h.



Keret Skylight structures are made of ‘hot dip’ galvanised steel providing maximum durability in all weather conditions. All structures are finished in the colour of your choice. Structures are also strong enough to carry the weight of a person for maintenance & cleaning purposes.


Important Note: No other metals such as aluminium are combined with our steel structures. The combination of two foreign metals (eg. galvanised steel and aluminium) will lead to a galvanic (electrolytic cell) reaction between the two foreign metals. The result is the premature ageing and the dramatic reduction in the longevity of the structure. The presence of rain water and salty air will accelerate this reaction even further. 



For glazing Keret Skylight uses acrylic. The acrylic is specifically designed for outdoor purposes such as glazing, signage, aeroplane windscreens, boating and more. The acrylic has an excellent optical clarity and cuts out close to 100% of harmful UV rays, up to 85% of heat and will still allow more than 80% of natural light to filter through. Acrylic is about eighteen times stronger than glass, an added security.


Why acrylic is the right choice for glazing?


In plastic sheets and laminated glass, exposure to the elements – particularly sunlight – can produce adverse effects. This includes yellowing, hazing, surface dulling, loss of impact resistance and delaminating in the case of glass. High UV levels will further accelerate these negative effects. The graph below shows that acrylic sheets have the highest initial rating – notice the absence of yellowing, surface dulling and hazing. The acrylic maintains clarity and strength for well over ten years!   




A strong plastic with high impact potential – polycarbonate is manufactured from high UV stabilised resin, however, note that the deterioration in terms of yellowing, surface dulling and hazing will be noticed after a short period of time. (Refer to diagram) Keret Skylight structures allows for the use of acrylic and polycarbonate sheeting for glazing. Keret Skylight recommends the use of acrylic. (Refer to diagram)


Weathering of Skylights  Keret Skylights


For effective use of natural light, design freedom and security call the skylight experts!

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