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Advantages of using the barrel vault design:


Keret Barrel Vault Skylights add height creating a sense of space and volume. The added height generates good ventilation, increases in-flow of air making the room cooler. Flat roof structures which are at times as low as 2,1 meters tend to make the enclosed area appear smaller, restrict ventilation and intensify heat. The transparent tinted acrylic creates a very classy finish which adds style and value to any enclosure. Keret Skylight uses the finest materials and delivers a custom-designed product which is durable, functional and affordable. One of the reasons Keret skylights remain the first choice of architects and builders. 


As well as eliminating the risk on sunburn, the full enclosure eliminates all effects of the wind so you can enjoy all weather conditions all year round. Plan weekends safe in the knowledge that you will never again have to spend them cleaning leaves and debris out of the pool or spa.


Keret's barrel vault domes are rounded in shape, draining water exceptionally well. The domes are self-cleaning - dust will simply wash off in the first rain or the skylight can easily be rinsed off with a garden hose. Keret Skylight will transform an unprotected space into a shady area that is waterproof and integrated with its surroundings.


At a flick of a switch you have complete climate control, sun shade & waterproofing:


Remote Skylight Roofing

Skylight Closed


Remote Skylight Roofing

Skylight Open



For effective use of natural light, design freedom and security call the skylight experts!

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